Player Spotlight

Name: Graydon Ball

Grade: 12

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Interviewed by Arvin Amini


- When did you start playing basketball? I started playing basketball when I was 3 (around 2006). I started playing AAU in 3rd grade.


- Who is your favorite basketball player of all time? Jayson Tatum because he’s crafty and very smooth with his game.


- What is your favorite basketball memory? Beating Mercer Island at home freshman year because Blane hit a game winning 3 and Orhun hit the game tying 3 that sent it to overtime. I dropped 36 in that game.


- What is your favorite place you’ve been to for an AAU tournament? I went to Atlanta last summer, and it was for an Under Armour Showcase.


- If you had to spend 6 hours at the Bellevue Club, how would you invest your time? I would be straight hooping. No weights, just hooping. I would just shoot around and play lots of pickup.


- What is your favorite meal of the day: Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner? Dinner: I would eat anything during dinner.


- If you weren’t playing basketball as your main sport, what sport would you want to excel at and why? I would excel at Football, whether it’s o-line or tight end. I would just dominate the game at that point.


- What artists are on your bucket list for upcoming concerts? I don’t go to concerts. I just listen to whatever’s Poppin.


- What is your favorite sub-genre ofrap? Definitely drill. I mess with Memphis and Chicago drill, since I’mfrom Chicago.


- Let’s settle the debate: would yourather have Andrew or Luke on aux in the weight room? Luke Bell. Andrewwill never have aux in my car.


- What is your favorite TV show? Rick and Morty


- Would you rather have a vintage NBA jersey collection or a basketball shoe collection? Definitely shoe. My favorite ones I haveare the Travis Jordan 1 Lows or my Bred 4’s.


- What is more valuable for a big man: being able to shoot like Dirk or run the offense like Jokic? Definitely shoot because you’ll be able to stretch the floor since bigs don’t have many playmaking opportunities.